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Wednesday 20st, May 5:46:44 Am
The Top 10 Albums Of The Decade - Genius News


Top 10 Rappers Of The DecadeYouTube.

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Ranking The Best Rappers Of All-Time The Joe Budden Podcast - Joe Budden TV. Here are the best rappers of the decade, ranked by fans everywhere.

From Kendrick Lamar and Nicki Minaj to Drake and Cardi B, this list of the top s rappers includes popular artists, underrated rappers, and hip hop legends. The s decade was filled with so The s decade was filled with so many good hip hop acts, but which artists stood out from the rest? Vote up the best rappers of the s, and add your favorites if they deserve to be on this list. This is the top rappers of the past DECADE.

This list is biased, I think BET and MTV and sht like that know there are better, way better rappers out there than what they play. They just don't want to lose half their ratingsviewers because they made a list of top rappers 7 of their viewers have listened to. Big KRIT, Fashawn, and PackFM all deserve a spot up there.

Better rappersrap groups that came out with their first major solo album since ' CunninLynguists. I saw the beginning of that on BET one night. I was interested cause I thought DMX, Ice Cube, Xzibit, Busta Rhymes, Andre, or Nas might be on the list.

But then I heard "Digital Swag" and I'm like "The fck?", and I changed the channel. When did 5 years become a decade. The BET Top 10 rappers of the Century list was recently unveiled after serious deliberation by a Hip Hop panel. The list was disclosed during an hour-long television special, and featured the hottest rappers of the past decade, from onward. That being said Kendrick has made sure that he his constantly being talked about with a string of impressive features such as on Pusha T’s Nosetalgia and oh yeah, that Control verse.

Project wise since Kendrick has dropped Overly Dedicated, and what some people hail as the best album of all time good kid, m.A.A.d city. His first project under the name Kendrick Lamar, The Kendrick Lamar LP was also just. Logic is among the most talented of the rappers out there, and if I do another one of these lists in 5 years time, I expect him to be fighting for top spot.

Action Bronson Childish Gambino.

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BET revealed their controversial list of the Top 10 Rappers Of The Century’ a few hours ago on a televised special. Check out the list, as well a video detailing how the panelists made their decisions, below. BET’s Top 10 Rappers of the Century.

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Yess eminem is 1 as he deserves to be jay z should def be on here tho and the last four shouldnt drake is too new young jeezy isnt really that good neither is jadakiss and rick ross is cool, but not at all the best of the decade lil wayne should also be a lil lower, even tho i like him a. The best rappers that defined the decade, including Drake, J.

Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West, and more. Rap has gone through a lot of changes over the past 10 years. In, hip-hop officially overtook rock to become the most consumed genre in the United States, and as it has risen in popularity, its sound has continued to shift. Hip-hop has become increasingly melodic, and countless subgenres have sprung out of it, pushing the possibilities of what rap can sound like. In the process, the door has been opened to new types of rap superstars.

As we narrowed our list of the decade’s best rappers to just 10 selections, it became clear just how strong this era has been. Presenting the top 10 greatest rappers of all time based on over K votes from fans like you. Vote on the hip hop rap artist you think should be number one. He is also considered to be one of the best rappers of all time. Knowledge and lyricism, A MC not just a Rapper. He knows brings discussions, He did that with hip hop is dead and the untitled album He gives you something to think about.

He knows the history of hip hop and gives a strong answer to commercial rappers of today. Old Skool MC KRS ONE praised him and brought a tribute to him. He is respected by Rakim and Slick rick! He influenced A lot of rappers in the 90 and today. Think about Jay Z, Tupac, Common, Kanye west, Talib Kweli, Eminem.

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The 10 Best Rappers of All Time.

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Diehard fans, music nerds and critics love lists. But in rap, rankings like this take on a special level of import aside from moving a crowd shouts to Rakim, MC means proving you’re the best. In no other genre do artists so blatantly express their desire to outdo competition. Unlike many of the s legends, the greatest rappers of the '- from Jay Z to Andre - maintained relevance into the next decade and the one after. One reason why is that despite the genre’s ever-shifting sounds, rapping didn’t change much as a craft since the end of the golden era the techniques were largely the same, just over different beats.

Until Kendrick Lamar came along. Off Topic Top 10 rappers of all time. While i don't agree with the placings, 910 of those rappers are great but Kid Cudi at 5 you gotta be tripping. Sure first 2 Man on the Moon are good KIDS SEE GHOSTS is good but Indicud, Speedin Bullet 2 Heaven Passion, Pain Demon Slayin are all mediocre to bad projects.

First deposit bonus up to using promocode HLTV. Ten Years of Metacritic The Best Music of the Decade. By Jason Dietz, Metacritic Features Editor. Publish Date December 15, Comments user comments. Is it really the top album of the decade?

We have a feeling there may be some comments posted below about that topic. Beach Boys aside, the genre most represented in our list of highest-scoring albums below is "indiealternative" again, if this is indicative of anything, it's of the types of albums both covered by Metacritic and favored by music critics, occupying 17 of the 40 spots. I would probably have to go along with the show BET had on about the best rappers of the last 10 yrs. I really believe that Eminem and Lil Wayne are leading the pack. Cardi B's Baby Sister, Hennessy Carolina Celebrated Her Girlfriend's Birthday In An Adorable Over The Top Way.

Watch Cardi B Slay A Sexy Trench While Nailing Her Role As A Personal Assistant For Amazon. See How Yusef Williams Became Rihanna's Hairstylist For A Decade.

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Hm i guess the list makes sense if you're really only looking at it in terms of impact this decade tbh. Cause musically it would be a pretty wild take for some of these. 10 Pusha 9 Tyler 8 Nicki 7 Jay-Z 6 Travis 5 Cole 4 Future 3 Kanye 2 Kendrick 1 Drake. Who is the greatest rapper of all time?

From AZ to Jay-Z, here is a list of the 50 best emcees.

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When your first hit is about skateboarding and you ka kun ka kun your way to the top of the game while eating Kanye West on his own track, your future certainly looks bright as all seven skies. Emperor Lu has toyed with career suicide, but he still lives to influence a generation of lyricists such as J. Rappers who put out their debut album in or later.

Find More Posts by asid Find threads by asid 9 years ago. At the end he literally had the bigger influence during this entire decade and even left the last decade with a bang.

Drake has had one album and he's in the top ten? Find More Posts by clipsedesignz. Find threads by clipsedesignz. I only chose to consider rappers who have released albums in the past 10 years. And yes, I know I was kind of loose with the definition of rapper.

Young money really ran the first half of the decade when not that much other hip-hop was too popular. Also Jay Z's longevity is crazy. I bet he'd be near the top of the most popular rappers of the too, so that's his third straight decade near the top.

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Overall, I grabbed all the Top 10 rappers and put them in a spreadsheet, averaged out the rankings, and have compiled the list of the Top 10 rappers of all time, based on the data of these 20 websites. This is strictly for fun, this has nothing to do with proving a point and showing who truly is the greatest rapper. Honorary Mentions Big Daddy Kane, Lauryn Hill, Scarface, Snoop Dogg, Dr. There were so many great rappers who were left off many Top 10 lists, that personally I felt like they should be on more lists.

It turns out that there are so many great rappers. Who are the Top 10 Rappers of the century?".

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BET posed this question to nearly 30, viewers and fans. Votes were tabulated on apeironacademy.com and the Top 15 rappers were selected. Premiering on Friday, October 15 at 8 p.m., BET assembled an elite "Hip Hop Supreme Court" of some of the hottest producers, hip hop deejays, and the industry's biggest influencers to narrow down the list and rank the top 10 coveted positions.

Hosted by "Chief Justice" Big Tigger Jermaine Dupri producer, Diamond Kuts DJ - Power 99, Philadelphia, Greg Street DJ - V, Atlanta. From the 'This Is Fine' dog to eyebrows on fleek, these were the 10 memes that defined the decade of memes - see our picks here. These entrepreneurs made beaucoup bucks, establishing themselves as would-be moguls of the new media landscape.

It wasn’t until later in the decade that mass movements like caused unfollowing sprees of accounts that plagiarized meme content. Like everything else, memes became political. There are millions of memes made every day. Some of them might even be original. There could very well be a decade-winning meme created between the time that this piece was written and the time it is published.

While this list is by no means exhaustive, it is definitive. Ten years later, those three still comprise the top spots, though in each one more than doubled their dollar take-homes from 's tally. The Hip-Hop Cash Kings list, FORBES’ annual ranking of the genre’s top earners, has now been around for a full decade. Diddy, who lands third on the highest-earning rappers of the last 10 years, hauled in million in that period.

Though he doesn’t earn much from music these days, Diddy makes up for it with an outrageously lucrative deal with Diageo's Ciroc vodka, plus his TV network Revolt, Aquahydrate endorsement and Sean John clothing line.

Full list The Top-Earning Hip-Hop Acts Of The Decade.

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Anyway, here we go the top 10 rappers of the year not named Iggy Azalea. Hip hop’s least predictable star of was Detroit’s Deja Trimble, a perfectly on-trend rappersinger who may just be the next step in an evolution we’ve seen slowly progressing since the release of Kanye’s s Heartbreak. You see, I’m still not sold on the off-key lingering crooners like Future and Young Thug two names you will not find on my list but I’m sure you’ll see mentioned in the comments below. A Bronx native, his first two mix tapesYou’re Welcome and Fall FWDhelped get him on Deli Magazines Top 5 Underground Hip-Hop Artists in New York list, and helped him get onstage with rappers like Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean and Mac Miller.

The Bronx may have found their new rap god. Not to be confused with the clothing company out of Australia that make bangin’ leggings, Black Milk aka Curtis Cross is a year-old MC out of Detroit. Out of the five solo albums he’s released, only two of them have charted’s Album of the Year actually made it all the way to 28 on the US Ramp. Snoop Dogg- Million Net Worth.

When it comes to rapping, you can’t miss mentioning Snoop Dogg. He’s one of the most in-demand artists this year. In fact, he has been nominated in different record award shows 97 times and won 26 times. Snoop Dogg has this charming, laid-back personality which attracts fans from all over the world.

Even if he suddenly stops dropping any album, he will still be an icon of pop-culture history. He has already left his mark in the industry and in the lexicon of the US English language with the addition of izzy to commonplace words Fo-shizzy. Official Twitter for BET Networks.

Home of - - - - BET40 - New York, NY.

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Final list as broadcast on BET's programme "Top 10 Rappers Of The Century". The list was voted by a group of DJ's and producers listed below during the programme. The rules are as follows Has to be a solo artist no groups or double acts Released their first solo DEBUT ALBUM in or later OR came to prominence within the Century For places, 5 REVOTE tickets will incur a revote.

This means the whole group hast to make their choices again in most cases this changes the order of the rappers. Rappers were voted on Flow Lyricism Subject Range. To figure out who deserves to be named the best rapper of all time, you have to go back and listen to the classics, analyse some of the best verses to ever be placed over a beat and look at the body of work of those who many consider to hold the prestigious title.

So, do you want to know who has the best bars in the business, or who made the biggest impact on hip hop? This list will give you everything you're looking for. First up, honourable mentions Next.

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10 Best Hard Rock Bands Of The s. 10 Bands Who Survived A Lead Singer Change. 10 Best Rock Drummers Of All Time. If it was hip-hop or rap, you're going to love this list and you will be absolutely astounded at how much money these 10 artists have made over the past decade.

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Within the last 10 years, some of the biggest names in music have released instant classic albums that will stand the test of time. It bore one of the best songs of the decade too, in Paper Planes. It was a hit in its own right but got an all-star makeover when it was sampled for Swagga Like Us by T.I, Jay-Z, Kanye West and Lil Wayne. Paper Planes itself samples Straight to Hell by The Clash, with members of the band credited as co-writers. He might have missed out on the Grammy for Best Rap Album to Kendrick’s To Pimp a Butterfly, but Cole took home Album of the Year at the BET Hip Hop Awards and Top Rap Album at the Billboard Music Awards.

Chance the Rapper also took home the award for Best New Artist and Best Rap Performance for No Problem at the Grammys. He is one of the rappers of the Geto Boys, and has recorded solo albums like Mr.

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Scarface is Back, The Diary, and The World is Yours. In real life, he was a high school dropout at 16, and suffered Dr. Though his playing earned him scholarship offers from top colleges, Cam'ron was unable to take advantage of them Canibus.

Top 30 movies featuring the rock. Top films based on Marvel comics. Top Fastest Rappers - It was a tough job to make a list of the 10 fastest rappers around, but anyways here it is. Known for their fast-paced singing, they are widely popular. We have here compiled a list of 10 fastest rappers ever. These are rappers who signed to a record label or appeared on official album.

There may be some talented rappers that we may have missed out add them in your comments but that would be entirely because of inconsistency or below par skills to fit the list. Trevor Tahiem Smith, Jr also known by his stage name Busta Rhymes is a rapper from Brooklyn America.

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Big Sean allegedly has been rapping for a decade, so why is the concept of STAYING ON BEAT still foreign policy to him? He has a weird habit of cramming too many syllables in one bar, then not enough in the next, so his verses are like a raggedy game of Jenga always two seconds from crumbling into the trash heap.

Nailed It I seriously scrolled back to the top of the page cuz I thought I read the list wrong and was seeing the Best Rappers of All Time, LoL. Not Sure if Most would have him in their top 10 but NWA Geto Boys were my Tapes they are my foundation of what Rap has become and what I have chose to listen to.

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Easy is one of a Kid Original some of my Personal favs share that Quality. The time has come to reveal the top 10 memes of the s!

From now until Friday, join us as we run down the list showcasing which memes had what it takes to be ranked among the top 50 of the decade. Drew Scanlon's immortal reaction GIF is nothing short of a meme masterpiece. Throughout the rapper had scored three top five charting singles from his successful debut album Black and White.

His debut album received over a million record sales to date. Not bad for a debut album from a basically unknown Grime artist! In Wretch was used by big brands Adidas and Coca Cola as one of their faces for their Olympics campaigns. Was also the year that saw Wretch 32 bag the BET Award for Best International Act. The successful rapper has teamed up with the likes of Cheryl Cole, L Marshall, Ed Sheeran and many more.

We are eager to hear what’s next to come fr 10 of the best rappers to come from the UK to date so far. Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below. Perfection is difficult to find when you sift through 10 years of bands' antics, but some valiant musicians have managed to come very close to living.

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Goldie said How isn't he top 10? Click to expand I never listened to dude but didn't he just get hot the last 12 months outside of Cali. I don't have anything negative to say about him, but his stock went up exponentially after he died.

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I bet if you did a search of Nipsey threads or articles before he died, nobody was calling him top 10 DOA. This article lists the top 25, and exactly how much they're currently worth in Lamar has been regarded by many as one of the most influential rappers of his time.

In fact, his popularity has meant that he’s recently reached this list, even when most of the people featured here have been in the industry for far longer than him. As of, Kendrick Lamar’s net worth is estimated to be 75 million. Alongside his Grammy Award wins, Drake has won three Juno Awards and six BET Awards. He has the most number one singles on the Hot Rap Songs. Sometimes it’s the journey that teaches you a lot about your destination. Lamar did not hesitate and began rapping a verse over the instrumental to Miilkbone's "Keep It Real", which would later appear on a track titled "West Coast Wu-Tang".[13].

In early, Lamar was included in XXL's annual Top 10 Freshman Class, and was featured on the cover alongside fellow up-and-coming rappers Cyhi the Prynce, Meek Mill, Mac Miller, Yelawolf and Big K.R.I.T., among others.[38] On April 11, Lamar announced the title of his next full-length project to be Section,[39] and. The following day the first single "HiiiPoWeR" was released, the concept of which was to further explain the HiiiPoWeR movement.[40] The song was produced by fellow American rapper J.

Cole, marking their first of several collaborations.[40]. The iLLogical gang picked their Top-5 rappers of all-time. Which list are you rocking with? What does your Top-5 look like?

This week, the iLLogical Gang discuss the lack of support artists show to the BET Awards and the XXL Freshman list. Later, the guys wonder if Drake is really teflon, talk about the Damian Lillard vs. Marvin Bagley III battle during the NBA Draft, reflect on the most regretted concerts not attended and more.

Later, the guys ask if Drake has a top album of the decade, how the BeyHive’s latest stunt further proves they’re out of control, the Striking Viper episode of Black Mirror and more.

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Rappers, ranked by the number of unique words used in their lyrics. Updated on January 21, with 75 new rappers including Brockhampton, Death Grips, Lil Uzi Vert, Travis Scott, and Migos. I included mixtapes if the artist was short of the 35, words.

Quite a few rappers don’t have enough official material to be included for example, Biggie, Chance the Rapper, Queen Latifah, and El-P. Since the original release, there’s now a notable trend of fewer unique words among newer artists. Wu-Tang Clan at 5 is impressive given that 10 members, with vastly different styles, equally contribute lyrics.

Add the fact that GZA, Ghostface, Raekwon, and Method Man's solo works are also in the top 20 notably, GZA is at 4.

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Best Nigerian Albums Of The Decade Top 10 Greatest Rappers Of All Time 2 3 4. By nirolite4uOn Jan 18, Nirolite top 5 rappers of the decade. EMINEM - the most SUCCESFUL white rapper of the decade. LIL WAYNE - the BEAST of the decade. I don't watch BET or listen to the radio, I have to go to the internet, listen to old cds or even CASSETTE tapes to get a nice "rap fix", it's PATHETIC!

I was listening to Wu Tang's C.R.E.A.M and it hurt my feelings to see how we got from that to "lolly pop" and "crank dat" it's like WTF? 'Pac and Biggie died FOR THIS! Re Top 5 Rappers Of The Decade.

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Black Eyed Peas My Humps The fall of the Black Eyed Peas is one of the saddest musical stories of the decade after starting out as a progressive, conscious hip-hop group in the mids, leader apeironacademy.com changed course and recast the group as a craven hit machine, pumping out idiotic jams for the frat set.

This trend started with ’s Let’s Get Retarded but reached its nadir with My Humps, a feature for new female member and pants-pisser Fergie where she proudly sings about how much bling her tits and ass have got her in rhymes that would make Mother Goose wince. Literally, 90 of American rock music sounded like this for the last ten years and it was really annoying.

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He is a New York rapperproducer and has been really consistent this decade. He is making old school underground New York beats. They are slow, jittery and fractured instrumentals with esoteric and east coast lyrics. His lyrics are political and tells stories and concepts from New York.

His flow is slow, kind of spoken word style, but with great introspective lyrics. He is definitely influenced by the Def Jux era and is one of the only artists doing this sound and style anymore. If you're into abstract east coat hip hop you should give him a listen.

Yes this is my favorite rapper of the decade. He is an Alternative hip hop artist from Chicago. To me he is making the most creative, unique and beautiful hip hop music right now.

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Being the top guy has a specific meaning to Chris Metro. NYPD gives cops thousands of face masks in preparation for coronavirus. The rapper is back in her native Trinidad and Tobago Shopping.

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