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Who won the jake paul fight mega jackpot this week

Sunday 1st, March 8:19:4 Am


Who won the Deji and Jake Paul fight? JAKE PAUL was crowned the winner after five rounds. Despite the year-old American calling Deji out before the fight and saying he would knock him out in the first round, the Brit surprised many by giving as good as he got.

Deji gave it his all and managed to land a few right hooks which saw Jake Paul struggle with a bloody nose. As the fight went into the fifth round, both fighters looked tired and after a brutal set of hits from the American, the towel was thrown in from Deji's team. Logan Paul trolls KSI as he eats, parties, and updates his fans. Who won KSI vs Logan Paul fight? Logan Paul started the aggressor but KSI soon came into it.

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The fight ended a majority draw after six, three minute rounds.

The pair then spoke afterwards about a rematch next year in February in the US. Paul said I feel like I won the fight, but this rematch is going to be crazy! More than 15, watched it inside the Manchester Arena, and a massive, bought it on YouTube pay-per-view. Jake Paul sealed the win after five rounds. Despite a gallant effort from Deji, Paul began to dominate and Deji’s corner threw in the towel after a flurry of shots. Paul said I feel amazing, I have worked so hard for this.

Deji fought an amazing fight, I hope he learnt a lesson about what he said about my family. No hard feelings but I feel amazing. Jake has also fought and won against KSI’s brother Deji previously, beating him when they came to blows on the under-card for the KSI and Logan Paul fight back in KSI’s next,’ Jake Paul said after his victory in the ring this week. I didn’t have to fing win by two points. You had to beat my bro by a made call.’ KSI rejected Logan Paul’s plea for another rematch following their November face-off, but following Jake’s challenge last night, KSI real name Olajide Olayinka Williams JJ’ Olatunji responded with talk to Logan’s younger brother, promising to f him up’. Jake Paul won the fight against Comedy Shorts Gamer.

He won by TKO in the fifth round. However, he didn’t win like he wanted his plan was to KO Deji Comedy Shorts Gamer in the first round. Jake Paul won the fight against Comedy Shorts Gamer. He won by TKO in the fifth round. However, he didn’t win like he wanted his plan was to KO Deji Comedy Shorts Gamer in the first round. What was so special about the KSI vs. With the boxing match just around the corner, who do you think will win KSI or Logan Paul? Do you think the KSI vs Logan Paul fight was staged considering it was a draw?

Why do people still like Logan Paul after all he's done? Who won the KSI vs Logan Paul and Deji vs Jake Paul match. Originally, Logan and Jake Paul wanted any fight to be held in a neutral venue, preferably Dubai, United Arab Emirates, but Logan had decided to go with the two-fight plan.[12].

The KSI vs Logan Paul boxing match, along with the undercard fights including Deji vs. Jake Paul, was uploaded to YouTube on 31 August, which can now be watched for free.[73] The official KSI vs Logan channel on YouTube has received more than 75 million views as of 17 September. The fight generated a total of million pay-per-view buys worldwide,[75] on YouTube and the KSI vs Logan Paul official website combined,[76] including over, live purchases.[43][77] This makes it the largest non-professional boxing match of all time.[a] At or 10 a vi. Paul's brother Logan, who fought KSI in December and lost, was in the crowd and cheered Jake after the victory.

KSI was also in the crowd and looked impressed by Jake's win. He later entered the ring and exchanged words with Jake, who made it clear he wants a fight to avenge his brother's loss. "I didn't have to fing win by two points. You had to beat my bro by a made call." Paul simply told KSI, "Let's make it happen." KSIOlajidebt vs. Jake Paul wanted to beat AnEsonGib so he could get his hands on KSI, who defeated his brother Logan via split-decision in November. The younger Paul lived up to his words by sending Gib to the canvas three times, including a right hand to cap it off, to win the battle of YouTube personalities by TKO at the mark of the first round at Meridian at Island Gardens in Miami.

The animosity between the two showed when neither Paul nor Gib touched gloves after receiving their final ring instructions. To Paul's credit, he stayed composed and fought within the jab. He saw an opening and unleashed a left hook that put Gib's butt through the ropes, which is considered a knockdown.

Gib kept coming at Paul and stayed in his face and landed a right hand.

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PAUL-GIB POSTFIGHT Immediately after the win, Paul goes over to where KSI is sitting ringside, and Paul calls him out. Then, Logan Paul, his older brother who was beaten by KSI in, climbs up in the corner and screams in Jake’s face. And Jake Paul said the most perfect thing a YouTube star could say after a performance like that.

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Look for Paul to fight KSI next, and look for DAZN to broadcast it. So far, DAZN and YouTube boxing has been a winning performance.

I caught the boxing bug, Paul said. Jake Paul dropped AnEsonGib twice in the first round to secure a first round stoppage and set up a future bout with KSI. Gib forced his way into getting the fight months ago when an online campaign from his followers saw him beat out competition in a poll alongside the likes of Soulja Boy and Dillon Danis to secure his dream fight. It wasn’t a dream night in the end for the. Josh Taylor's win over Regis Prograis to win the WBSS at pounds was a massive statement - he'll need to become the undisputed light welterweight champion by beating Jose Ramirez to make his place inside the top 10 indisputable.

616 On the rise Miguel Berchelt. Jake Paul beat KSI's younger brother Deji. Jake Paul's trainer is 'Sugar' Shane Mosley, the three-weight world champion. Viddal Riley, who trained KSI to beat Logan Paul, is in AnEsonGib's corner. Fight week in Miami has featured an undercover spy doing their covert work. AnEsonGib explained "In the face-off Jake said 'I've seen you shadow-boxing and you're not very good'. Jake Paul’s TKO win over AnEsonGib brings out the memes.

My disappointment is immeasurable, and my day is ruined.’ Ed MulhollandMatchroom Boxing. Jake Paul dominated and knocked out AnEsonGib in their YouTube boxing extravaganza on Thursday night. Gib looked like a novice who was well out of his element.

Paul looked like a neophyte who actually has some technical skills. The entire event made each YouTuber plenty of money and brought a younger generation of fans to DAZN so they could live stream the event, even as much of the older generation of boxi.

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Days Jake Paul's Countdown To Fight Night. PagesPublic figureComedianJake PaulVideosHERES WHY I WON THE FIGHT. Jake Joseph Paul born January 17, is an American YouTuber, musician, actor, and professional boxer from Cleveland, Ohio, now residing in Calabasas, California best known for the Music video It's Everyday Bro with his group Team He was originally one of the most followed and viewed people on Vine along with his older brother Logan Paul.

After the service shut down in January, however, Jake transitioned to his YouTube channel full-time.

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As of February, his YouTube channel has over. Instead of LA, Jake Paul and AnEsonGib will be on the East Coast fighting in Miami, Florida, at the Meridian at Island Gardens, not far from Hard Rock Stadium where Super Bowl 54 will be played just three days later.

Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib Matchup Information. Jake won that bout with a fifth-round stoppage after Deji’s corner threw in the towel during a barrage of punches from the American. Jake had a really good game plan, working behind his jab, which was effective due to his reach advantage.

Who is the favorite in this celebrity boxing match? Jake Paul is the favorite in the matchup vs AnEsonGib. Is Jake Paul related to Logan Paul and are they both boxers. Jake Paul is ready to fight for his brother, Logan Paul's, honor. On Saturday night, after Olajide "KSI" Olatunji defeated Logan in their highly-publicized boxing match at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, Jake shared a lengthy post on social media in which he hinted that it's just a matter of time before he enters the ring to square off against KSI himself.

"My brother won that fight and is clearly the better boxer," the year-old later added. "KSI was SAVED with the decision the referee made over a minute to recover in the corner after being knocked down?

Insane," he added, referring to the two points that his brother was docked after hitting behind KSI's head in the fourth round, which heavily affected the final count. Jake then declared his intention to fight KSI himself.

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Logan and Jake Paul originally wanted any fight to take place in a neutral venue and would prefer Dubai, so it seems that the two fight deal was enough to convince them to go ahead and sign the contract.

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How Can I Get KSI Vs Logan Paul Fight Tickets How Much Will They Cost?

As well as that, he also claimed that he'd bet all of the money he'd win too, revealing just how confident he is. Speaking in the video below, Logan states, "I'm literally betting everything I've made in my entire life on me bro, even the winnings of the fight!". Who Is Promoter For The KSI Vs Logan Paul Fight? Whilst the contracts show that UK company Nemedis and American company Team Logan will retain profits from ticket sales etc, people have been asking about who will be promoting the fight. The fight between Jake Paul and AnEsonGib wasn't pretty and certainly didn't represent high-level boxing in any way.

But it was mercifully short and to the point with Paul scoring a quick first round TKO after scoring three knockdowns against his fellow YouTube star. Gib came out fighting in his trademark awkward stance, legs far apart and ducking low repeatedly despite being the far shorter man in the cruiserweight co-main event in Miami. The stance and style was something he would pay for repeatedly as it led to a complete lack of steady foundation. After Gib landed a single left h. Why are Logan Paul and KSI fighting?

Where do Jake Paul and Deji fit in? Also where and how to stream the KSI vs. Logan Paul boxing match, and what time it all begins. Like a typical PayPerView fight, people who can’t be there will pay to stream it, and hope it doesn’t conk out halfway through.

Much like traditional boxing event, Logan Paul and KSI’s fight is rooted in petty drama, which developed its own lore over the past few months. Think Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather going head-to-head, a battle between the old guard and the new guard, staged after years of dancing around the idea.

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Jake, who entered the ring with a plastic muzzle and "Fuck Jake Paul" bling around his neck reeked of confidence, which comes as no surprise from the cocky YouTuber.

Deji, on the other hand, bumbled his way to the ropes with his face covered.

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Jake maintained a slight upper hand on Deji through the fourth round, though Deji managed to hold him off well. But at the end of round five Jake rocked Deji with a series of punches, enough for the latter's team to throw in the towel and forfeit the match before the final sixth round. He later said he felt like he won the fight, the crowd booed.

The two appropriately left the stage with more shit talking. Briton KSI, who boasts million subscribers, took on US star Paul, who has million, in the tightly-contested bout at Manchester Arena. One ringside judge had KSI ahead by one point but the other two scored it even, meaning a majority draw was declared. The decision was greeted by booing in the arena, but both men immediately called for a rematch.

In reality, the fight was just the first of two planned bouts, with the second set to take place in the US. More than 15, tickets were sold for the Manchester fight, with thousands more paying each to watch it live on YouTube. The day of the fight, Jake Paul tweeted, "Who is PSI and why are people tweeting me about him?" The post shown below, left received more than 2, retweets and 28, likes in less than one week. Following Paul's tweet, KSI tweeted[3] a photograph of Jake Paul's Twitter profile, zooming in on the marker that says "Follows you." He captioned the tweet " Boy I would drop you quicker than Disney jakepaul." The post shown below, right received more than 74, retweets and, likes in eight days.

The following day, Paul agreed that there would be two fights, one fight between Logan Paul and KSI and the other between Jake Paul and KSI's brother. In the video,[6] Paul confirms that he and his brother would be participating in the fight along with several terms. Who won Deji vs Jake Paul fight?

AnEsonGib How to watch the YouTubers fight on. Joe Weller’s immediate reaction to Jake Paul's stoppage win over AnEsonGib.

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Lists of the best fights in boxing history, a guide to sanctioning bodies, and details on world champions from around the globe. Be civil - no personal insults or direct attacks. As someone who's never watched boxing before, I had the same reaction as most YouTubers. But, once I was informed how scoring worked, then I agreed with the judges decision. If they thought KSi should've won because he started winning at the end, then he should've signed up for a longer fight. It's not a playground fighting where early momentum wins the fight often as not.

Logan is less experienced so he had to come out of the blocks strong. KSI survived the early onslaught and walked the last 3. It was just that some people thought KSI would dominate and Logan would be less competitive. Chorus] Jake Paulers comin' thru Yep Jake Paulers are the crew Woop Jake Paulers with the views Yeah Who the f are you?

I dunno Jake Paulers raise the roof Woop The roof's on fire too Woop Jake Paulers keep it lit Ha! Don't play Blah Jake Paulers here to stay Hold up Jake Paulers won the race I'm in Jake Paulers set the pace Yep Jake Paulers in your face What? We are the, number 1 fan base! Jake Paulers wear the merch Woop Jake Paulers are in first Link in bio "It's Everyday Bro," tatted on our shirts It's tatted on her skirt It's tatted on my socks Got "Everyday Bro," on my flip flops Lemme.

[Chorus] Jake Paulers comin' thru Jake Paulers are the crew Jake Paulers with the views Who the f are you.

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Jake Paul, Logan Paul, any of the Pauls. Jake Paul basically responded to KSI with an "I don't know her." Jake Paul jakepaul. Originally, Jake Paul agreed to fight KSI, but it was later decided Jake would fight Deji, and Logan would fight KSI. In an interview with YouTuber Casey Neistat in July, Logan Paul framed the boxing match as part of his "redemption story" after the backlash from his suicide forest video.

"It's about being able to get hit in the face, whether they're a result of your own actions or not in my case they are. I'm the one who fucked up," said Paul.

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If you want the full timeline on the feud, the Daily Dot has a good one.

Anyway, cut to Saturday, and Logan Paul a. JAKE PAUL LOST HIS FIGHT VS DEJI on KSI Vs Logan Paul Show IF YOU NEED GAINS - apeironacademy.com Use 'FIGHTDAY20' FOR 20 OFF! IF YOU WANNA BUY LABEL MERCH GO TO apeironacademy.com and USE 'BOXING15' FOR 15 OFF! Jake Paul - Fight Highlights and Boxing Match Analysis. Jake Paul won the battle of the brothers on the undercard of the KSI vs Logan Paul fight.

The American forced Deji to throw in the towel in the fifth round of their six round contest - the final fight before the pair's brothers face-off in their long-awaited clash. Reference apeironacademy.com See all results for this question. Logan Paul is a damn good wrestler, he is a fighter martial artists as much as KSI is as a boxer. YOUTUBE sensations Jake Paul and Anesongib fought in a pro boxing match in Miami.

There were NO headguards, six rounds, and the fight counted on the pro records of both men. JAKE PAUL vs GIB LIVE HOW THE FIGHT UNFOLDED Jake Paul wore a diamond-encrusted Bane mask to the ring Who won Jake Paul vs Anesongib? The fight lasted just in the first round before the referee waved it off. The bigger man, Paul, dropped Gib twice in the first round in a dominant win. Jake Paul will soon join the slew of YouTubers, including his brother, who have stepped into the boxing ring.

If he wins, Paul says he wants to fight the YouTuber who defeated his brother last year KSI. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

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Which Youtuber will win the fight between ComedyShortsGamer and Jake Paul? I personally want Deji to win because he's been getting undeserved hate for no reason. By posting, you are agreeing to the Rules of Conduct. Earlier this year, Logan Paul stirred widespread controversy after filming a dead body in Japan, while his brother Jake Paul, who fought in the undercard, became infamous for being obnoxious.

The narrative of the fight, according to the Paul brothers at least, was that it presented an opportunity for the duo to redeem themselves in front of their fans. While that specific outcome is still up for debate, Jake Paul won the first fight against KSI’s brother, ComedyShortsGamer, and the main fight ended up in a tie. KSI and Logan Paul are in talks to do a rematch somewhere down the line, and Jake P. Who The Paul Brothers Really Are.

You Met Jake and Logan one day when you just moved to LosAngeles and fell for both of them! In Fanfiction Started March team10 Jake Paul Winning You Over. You looked at your phone seeing a text from "Jake".

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You excitedly opened the message.

Jake Hey wanna hang out with me today. First fight - Deji vs Jake Paul - WINNER - Jake Paul round 5 Deji throws the towel and Jake Paul wins the fight. Second fight - KSI vs Logan Paul - WINNER - DRAW Majority draw towards KSI's side after 6 rounds judges decided the scores and the result was a draw. Majority draw which means KSI doesn't lose the champion's title.

So KSI and Logan Paul decided to do a re-match, basically that means another shitshow like this will happen again in the future. I'm sure nobody from you care about this much, but you will definitely hear about this stuff on Youtube. This stream reached almost k viewers on YT and 1,1 million viewers on Twitch, almost crashing the.

Those who undergo suffering and spread it to others. And those who undergo suffering and avoid giving it to others." 5.

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Logan Paul - FULL FIGHT KSIvsLogan. JAKE PAUL LOST HIS FIGHT VS DEJI on KSI Vs Logan Paul Show IF YOU NEED GAINS - apeironacademy.com Use KSI vs LOGAN PAUL A Very Convenient Draw.

The boxing match between KSI and Logan Paul has finally happened. Was it rigged like many people are claiming. Jake Paul is a young man who makes his money from making videos for YouTube. Now 21 years old, Paul rose to prominence for playing the role of Dirk on the Disney Channel series Bizaardvark. Jake, like his brother Logan - the weird fella who was criticised for uploading a video to YouTube featuring the body of a Japanese person who had just taken their own life - is no stranger to controversy from allegedly making his own house address public and attracting droves of fans to his neighbourhood in Los Angeles to posting a video to the video website.

Proclaiming the fact that he had lost his virg Both Paul brothers won their fights on that night, with Jake being handed a neat little WBC YouTube belt to officially name him as, erm, the guy who beat Deji, presumably. Jake Paul talks to Radio Rahim from Seconds Out Boxing after defeating Deji with a TKO win.

KSI vs Logan Paul Undercard Subscribe for updates - apeironacademy.com Jake Paul LOCKER ROOM After TKO WIN! Vs Deji More boxing news 247 goo.g. Deji and Jake Paul meet face-to-face ahead of their battle on the of August at Manchester Arena. BUY THE FIGHT AND WATCH IT HERE apeironacademy.com OPEN THIS LINK ON PC, LAPTOP OR ANDROID PHONETo then watch the even. Jake Paul - Fight Highlights and Boxing Match Analysis.

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Jake Joseph Paul born January 17, is an American YouTuber, Internet personality, actor, musician and brother of Logan Paul who rose to fame on the now-defunct video application Vine. He first came into prominence for playing the role of Dirk Mann on the Disney Channel series Bizaardvark. He has since become the subject of controversies due to his unruly behavior.

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Jake Paul wins in 2 minutes KO. Balzs Erdei 8 hours ago Dragan Ili ok but who ask u? Fresh Coconut 7 hours ago Dragan Ili Jake Paul Logan is gonna knock KSI out in the first round Shannon Briggs You gon get knocked out champ! OfficialBranch 6 hours ago Fresh Coconut ok but that was by decision.

Robbie Drake 6 hours ago OfficialBranch Ksi has scored more points then Logan by the 3 judges and Ksi had a knockdown that didn’t counted. Fresh Coconut 6 hours ago OfficialBranch ok but a win is a win at the end of the day. Chris Roberts 6 hours ago Dragan Ili da.

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Jake Paul has been working out and playing sports for a long time and Deji only for like Jake Paul so happy because he barely beats Deji and Deji looked fine Jake had a busted lip and a busted nose. Who’s here after I announced that I’m fighting cgb slimey. A moment of silence for those people who paid. Less gooooooooooooooo jake puel. Who else can here coughing in the background YT Rewindz Il y a jour. My favorite part "Jake Paul is bleeding from the nose".


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Jake Paul talks to Radio Rahim from Seconds Out Boxing after defeating Deji with a TKO win. KSI vs Logan Paul Undercard Subscribe for updates - apeironacademy.com Jake Paul LOCKER ROOM After TKO WIN! Vs Deji More boxing news 247 apeironacademy.com Follow on Twitter apeironacademy.com Like on Facebook apeironacademy.com SecondsOut is a world leader in boxing entertainment since KSI vs Logan Paul Undercard Subscribe for updates - apeironacademy.com Jake Paul LOCKER ROOM After TKO WIN!

Vs Deji More boxing news 247 apeironacademy.com Follow on Twitter apeironacademy.com Like on Facebook apeironacademy.com SecondsOut is a world leader in boxing entertainment since I like jake Paul but I also respect Deji he put up a great fight props to jake because he won the fight.

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See more ideas about Jake paul, Jake paul team 10 and Logan and jake. " - Beats out spell checker who make fun of the creative minds who excel on achievement, not misspelled basic grammar. Very frustrating those people who point out grammar in the eyes of hard work and greatness. Lifestyle - my whole life I’ve been told I’m not good enough or that I can’t do something. Everyday I wake up just to prove them wrong, I fight everyday to my hardest to be able to know I made it all on my own and nothing can stop me in my path.

Bruh, i cant even begin to say how excited i was that Jake apeironacademy.com WAS FIRE but with Logan. Jake looks apeironacademy.com Logan looks very uncomfortable.

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Jake Paul VS AnEsonGib Fight Entrances, Full Fight, Interviews And Photos From The Fight HD. No Copyright Is Intended For This Video! It IsWas For People To Watch Everything In One FIpulse Video! All Rights Go To DAZN Liittyvt haut Jake paul vs gib full fight. Jake paul vs gib full fight live. Jake paul vs gib full fight reaction. Jake paul vs gib full fight highlights. Jake paul vs gib full fight dazn. Jake paul vs gib full fight live stream. Jake paul vs gib full fight who won. Jake paul vs gib full fight ksi.

Jake paul vs gib full fight stream. Jake paul vs gib full fight walk in. In this video, I take a second hand look at the full match when I am not half asleep to see what I think of the Jake Paul vs JAKE PAUL vs AnEsonGib FULL FIGHT.

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Free live Fight HD Boxing Highlights! Free live Fight HD Boxing Highlights! This stream is a countdown to the Ksi vs Logan Paul youtuber boxing match! FREE live stream of the fight starts at 3 p.m. EDT at the Manchester Arena in London. Like Subscribe if you are excited! If you read this spam ksi in chat if you support ksi or logan paul if you support logan paul.

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Logan and Jake Paul will square off against KSI and Deji in separate bouts to prove once and for all who can best monetize a fan base. Both sides have been dropping diss tracks and shit-talking videos to hype what could be one of YouTube's biggest events. Whether you're a preteen who wants to cheer on your favorite Paul brother or a parent who wants to know what online influencers do with all that money, you aren't going to want to miss this.

Where can you watch the KSI and Logan Paul boxing match? A bunch of untrained internet celebrities? We're guessing no one's going 12 rounds. Who do you think is going to win the big fight? Request Reprint Licensing, Submit Correction or view Editorial Guidelines. KSI and Logan Paul Fight Where to Watch Culture.

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Logan Paul VS KSI Who Won the Mental Fight? Discover The 4 Emotions You Need To Make a Killer First Impression apeironacademy.com Other videos on remaining calm and confident apeironacademy.com Tyrion Lanister video apeironacademy.come One guest of the ARcliprs wedding "threw champagne on Tana and Jake" and the fight ensued according to brother, Logan Paul. Subscribe to People apeironacademy.com People NOW brings you daily news updates, interviews and more from the w.

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A boxing match between Jake Paul and AnEsonGib has been rumored for some time, and was finally confirmed by the Brit on December Where is Jake Paul vs AnEsonGib fight? Finally, the match will take place in Miami, Florida, where the crowd will likely be behind their compatriot in Jake Paul.

While the first KSI vs Logan Paul fight took place in Manchester, England, the second came from the infamous Staples Center in Los Angeles. However, KSI managed to overcome Paul’s home advantage, winning by a slim margin. In his previous fight with Jay Swingler, Gib weighed in at For his fight with Deji in the summer of, Jake Paul weighed in at kg. AnEsonGib in black shorts won comfortably against.

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The YouTube superstars' superfight night in Manchester, England - featuring Logan Paul vs. Deji - is over after the judges called the second battle of the bros a draw. As for the fight Logan dominated the first 2 rounds by landing a number of jabs and body shots, but the momentum seemed to turn after KSI threw a cheap shot after the bell at the end of round 2 causing Jake to angrily jump in the ring. After that, KSI's energy level looked much higher than Logan's - especially in the final round - as he threw a series of violent haymakers many of which connected.

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Jake Paul KNOCKED OUT Joe Weller. NEW MERCH HERE - apeironacademy.com SUBSCRIBE apeironacademy.com YOU GOTTA SEE apeironacademy.com INST. AUGUST - THE GREATEST DAY OF MY LIFE! This is why Jake Paul is going to win the fight On todays vlog we are getting ready for jake paul to fight Gibs SUBSCRIBE apeironacademy.com MY INSTAGRAM!

Georgejanko Music "Need To Know" apeironacademy.com. Welcome to Jake Paul's Boxing Camp.

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Tags ksi, logan paul, jake, ksi vs logan paul, logan, deji, boxing, jake paul, maverick, ksi vs logan, ksi fight, sports, scarce, jake paul vs deji, deji vs jake paul, deji fight, jakepaul, comedyshortsgamer, loganpaul, logan fight, logan paul fight, youtube boxing, paul, logan won, how to watch, how to watch logan paul fight, how to watch ksi fight, how to buy fight, how to buy ksi fight, how to buy the fight, maverick clothes, bird, parrot, hollywood, comedy, daily, vlog, logan paul youtube, olympics, ksivsloganpaul.

Well we all expected Jake to win but I’m honestly happy for Deji, he did good. Deji managed to make his face bloody which is what most people wanted.

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Jake Paul is the latest YouTuber to try his hand in the boxing ring, taking on and defeating YouTube gamer AnEnsonGib on Thursday night. After a boxing win, Jake Paul is now trying to 'avenge' his brother by fighting the YouTuber who beat him.

It indicates the ability to send an email.

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Jake won the fight first round! Jake is so annoying please Gib fuck him up. Who the hell are you to say about jake Paul. Look at your followers and compare with jake Paul. Even if you add your all of your followers of all social media you will still be piece of shit in front of jake. This is one sided I hate when they do this The both sides have been lying.

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A fired-up Jake Paul is the favourite to win the fight Photo Eric EspadaGetty Images. According to Oddschecker, Jake Paul is currently favourite to have his hand raised high in victory at the end of the match. The best odds going in to the fight are as follows Jake Paul - 47.

Despite the high-profile of the YouTuber's fight, it's not actually the main event on the card, that spot goes to Demetrius Andrade defending his WBO middleweight title against Luke Keeler. Elsewhere, Tevin Farmer puts his IBF super-featherweight bel.

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Jake Paul is wasting no time setting his sights on his next boxing match after decisively winning his first fight on Thursday night. Following in the highly publicized steps of his older brother Logan by trying his hand in the boxing ring, the year-old Jake Paul took on YouTube gamer AnEnsonGib and was handed the victory midway through the first round.

Now that Jake Paul decisively had victory in the boxing ring, it stands to be seen whether a fight between his and KSI is in the future. Both Logan and Jake Paul, who combined have nearly 40 million YouTube subscribers, have been through their fair share of controversy in their nearly 10 years in the limelight as online creators. "The Paul family is sort of notorious," Jake Paul told Business Insider.

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Fighting out of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Fighter Links Personal Links Fighting for a major organization has made Jake Matthews ineligible for regional rankings. Jake Matthews Wiki Update Wiki. At 22 years of age, Jake Matthews is one of the youngest fighters to ever compete inside the UFC and his skills show someone who is still evolving into a full mixed martial artist.

Matthews made his mixed martial arts debut against Sam Fiamati at Shamrock Events 5 Night of Mayhem on September 15th, winning via second round technical knockout. Paul Felder pictured fights Dan Hooker in the lightweight main event of UFC Aucklan.

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KSI just challenged Jake Paul to a boxing challenge - and while we have no idea who would win IRL, we do know who the real heavyweight champion is when it comes to social media clout. With the war of words between KSI and Jake Paul heating up, we take a look at who would win in a fight of social media clout. Fresh off the back of his victorious boxing match against Joe Weller, KSI has already picked a new challenger Jake Paul. While shovelling the proverbial popcorn down our throats as the two trash-talk it out on Twitter, we began wondering who would win in a fight between KSI and Jake Paul?

Boy I would drop you quicker than Disney jakepaul apeironacademy.com.

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The Logan Paul versus KSI fight, seen by nearly 20, people in person at Manchester Arena and more than, who paid 10 to watch a live stream on YouTube and uCast, a competing streaming network, was a significant step change from the February fight which saw KSI easily beat fellow British YouTuber Joe Weller.

It marked a major moment for YouTube, and for Logan Paul, granting both mainstream acceptability even though the former has spent the last eight months doing everything it can to disown the latter. Everything is bigger this time round, says KSI.